Themeforest sudden changes not good impression.

Themeforest sudden changes not good impression. Without proper ui testing. Because we are also family we wanted to clean and professional our house.

Please check i suggest cool colors.

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I don’t see it on my end. Maybe it was a temporary changes they have already fixed it

Profile Dropdown menu fonts`s also affected.

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It’s only on TF. Chrome gives extra search, which by default does nothing except drop you to bestsellers. On IE field is empty, but the functionality is the same. Also, Profile Drop, Down menu is affected. The fonts are too tiny.

The other thing is that the ITEM UPDATE date has changed.

they testing like A/B tests i believe, i dont like it ether…

font-size: 10px; is to small... what i see in devtools of chrome for User section...

I just hope this A/B testing stops at some point and Envato gets the good and valuable info and can make more sales, otherwise, A/B testing for like since Elements is here and not doing a thing about it is very unproductive.

Back in the days if you would desing 2 web versions and would give it a client to choose from he in 99,9% cases would choose the wrong one :slight_smile: But these days it’s ok