Themeforest Starting to Lose Value

For a long time, ThemeForest has been my “go to” for Drupal themes but honestly, every time a new theme comes out I find myself sighing with frustration that it is yet another tired ass layout just like the previous 50 themes before it. Is there no creativity out there with these theme authors? Every single Drupal theme has the exact same layout, with just slightly different styling for Bootstrap and maybe some nifty javascript magic to make hovers work differently.

TF is simply starting to lose value for me. I’m frustrated with Envato for letting so many of these lame “remixed” layout themes into the market and I’m frustrated with the theme authors for not even trying to be original or niche. Yeah, all the blogs out there are telling you guys that a great way to make passive income is to make web themes and sell them on TF but have a little integrity and try to come up with something original, at least every now and then… Stop with all the agency layouts that has the same CTA’s, the same portfolios, the same team, the same EVERYTHING!

Developers will continue to make what sells. One may try to maintain a level of uniqueness, but ultimately if it’s not selling - it’s not going to get built. It’s the sad truth here unfortunately.

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Thanks for the reply ThemeBeans. I think what you’re saying is a bit ironic though… I would think that unless there is some uniqueness coming about from theme designers, us developers aren’t going to have themes to use for our projects. I mean, if all the themes that are coming out are the same “agency” layout, then how are the industries we’re building sites for being served? Or is it intentional that only creative agencies should be able to utilize the themes from ThemeForest, for their own company rather than the companies we build sites for?

There are virtually no themes for the nightlife, radio/broadcast, attorney, banking, manufacturing, transportation, and many other industries. All the themes are geared towards creative agencies, that all have the same homepage layouts, a services page, an about us page, a portfolio, a blog and a contact page - that’s it.

And no, I am not criticizing the quality of the themes. For the most part, the themes look good and are coded with quality, it is just that they are all basically the same layout and are for agency sites.

I’d say that in most cases those themes sold as agency/business themes are being used in a myriad of ways throughout many industries. Avada for example has probably been used in nearly every way that you can fathom.

Drupal themes has pretty low sales in opposite to WP themes. But in WP category there are a lot of banking, attorney, manufacturing and transportation themes…

I think i have some unique designed themes, not focused on any industry, magazines, but can be used in any way.

The thing is that the most unique the less sales it does.

I personally love creative themes, futuristic and modern look & feel. I also have to adapt to users’ needs and I think you will find that in my portfolio, a kinda strange combination of corporate, creative, modernism, etc. But again, I feel forced to develop something to make a living from.

I flex my skills on Github though…

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