Themeforest review process is unfair, unprofessional and totally arbitrary


Early february I posted my first theme on Themeforest for review. On 16th of february I got my first soft rejection. 16 issues were found in my theme. Although I did not agree with all of them, I fixed all of them nonetheless. Except one that was clearly a mistake and one I didn’t understand. I explained this when resubmitting in the Message-to-the-reviewer-comment-box.
Then I got my second soft rejection. This one had 5 remarks. When reading these remarks it became clear that the reviewer had totally ignored my comments since the two issue were just repeated. Also 2 new issues were found, which I fixed.
I resubmitted my theme.
I got my third soft rejection. This time something went very wrong. I got 4 remarks, all of which were issues that were already fixed 2 versions ago. It seemed that they reviewed my first version in stead of my 3rd version.
I didn’t change anything and resubmitted (with an explanation in the reveiwer-messagebox).

I got my 4th soft rejection.
Now we were getting somewhere. I got only 2 remarks. it seemed that the “YOU’RE NEARLY THERE!” message finally was getting closer to the truth!

I fixed the 2 issues. Surely fixing this 2 issues was going to finally get me an approval on the theme which I had been working on very meticulously for over 3 months.

What a naive sad litlle stupid boy was I to think that!

I got my 5th rejection.
It had 10 remarks!
6 of them were totally new!!
3 of them were issues that were already fixed in the 3th version (and approved in the 4th review!)
2 issues were an OPINION on an artistic choice I made!!!

I am really disappointed and getting very frustrated. The whole process seems very arbitrary and unprofessional.

  • Why do you approve some issues in one review and reject them in the next?
  • Why can’t you have 1 person review 1 theme in stead of having 5 different people with 5 different views having tons of different remarks on the SAME theme??
  • Why isn’t there a system that allows to communicate with the reviewer directly? Communicating is very difficult and only possible when resubmitting but it is totally absurd anyway since you are replying to one person and he/she won’t even be reading your reply since he/she will have moved on and replaced by another random person.
  • I was totally not expecting so much amateurism from a company that has such a professional reputation.

In stead of a reviewer, you could just as well have a chimp in a room with a laptop checking random tick boxes

I don’t see a solution anymore to get out of this nightmarish loop. If I fix the 10 new issues from the 5th review my theme will not pass. I will just get a new 6th review with NEW issues from a DIFFERENT reviewer and so on and so on and so on…
So I have to let it go. I will not be resubmitting anymore. I wish you all the best and a lot of satisfaction in keeping on bullying poor sods that dare submit their petty themes in your nice big professional organisation.