Themeforest React Homepage

Hello @jamesgiroux @BenLeong

I just noticed the Themeforest homepage is now built with React and CSS Classes are now compressed.

I’m the author of Better Envato Chrome Extension which uses DOM manipulation for some of its features. So those features stopped working because of the DOM change.

I can re-do it for the new DOM, but I’m worried whether the class names will be changed each time you push an update? because then it will stop working.

Can you shed some light?


Hi Surjith - sorry about the delay in replying to you.

I’ve spoken to the team that manages our homepages, and classnames in the new version are essentially randomised - they’ll change whenever there is a styling change to the CSS. That won’t happen often, but would still potentially break features in your extension whenever those changes are deployed.

That team is currently looking into adding ID selectors to each major section of the homepage, which may be more useful to you. I’m not sure which sprint that work will be prioritised for, but I can let you know when the change has been completed.


Thank you. Looking forward to the update.