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Dear Envato,

one question pls…

i am a client of yours, i want to create a new website for wordpress theme installation to customers.
Can i use your themeforest logo in my site, to show to people that i can install themes from Themeforest due to 3 years of experience in your themes?

Can i use your Themeforest logo?


Very unlikely as the logo is trademarked, and you would need written proof to use it, if they allow you to use it then it can give the visitor to the page a feeling that you are being recommended by Themeforest.

You would need to contact support for the official answer

It’s logical. Thanks Friend!!

I will contact them!

Kindest regards,

Hello @xrisxal2000! Unfortunately, this is not permitted. Please see the following article for full details:

###Envato Brand & Trademarks