ThemeForest Live Preview page of any item is creating 3 js console error!!!

Today I noticed a strange issue with ThemeForest item’s live preview page. We all know themeforest iframes the item’s page and show that under their page. At the top of the page it shows ‘Remove Frame’ and ‘Buy Now’ buttons. But today I see there is no buttons in the preview page of any items of ThemeForest and also in js-console we see 3 errors. Here is one of them:
Refused to load the script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: Security Policy directive: "script-src 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval'.

You can check any items like Avada or Butter or anything else. Same js-console error is appearing for all. As example, take a look at this page. The original page of this iframed page is this: , where you will see no js-console error. But, in the ThemeForest iframed page you see 3 console-errors and those errors creating issues in various occasions and customers will be confused by this behavior of the pages.

I hope some others also noticed this, and found a solution? Please note: I checked in Chrome browser.


Talked to the Devs and its apparently nothing to worry about. The CSP errors are not really errors and can be safely ignored.



Thank you for your helpful reply.

The little problem is: I can ignore the error, but visitors are not having the ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Remove Frame’ button when they visit the live preview page. So, they cannot remove the frame to see the actual page who does not have any console error. And another issue is: if any visitors visits ‘Checkout’ page of a WooCommerce shop of any ThemeForest item, it shows ‘Empty’ page. But, this problem does not appear at all if visitors visit the actual page of the item. The problem appears only when the visitors are seeing the item in the iframe of ThemeForest.


They are doing some A/B testing which is why things may appear different for some users :grin:

I see… That means the issue will be solved soon when the A/B testing is done :slight_smile: . Great to hear that. I will inform you here if the issue is still there after 24 hours.

Many thanks

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The testing will run until they have enough data so it’s likely to be a while.