ThemeForest has been rejected my item with not reasons

Hi all authors.
I am Vnlabcode
I am developer Prestashop CMS. I uploaded my first item to ThemeForest and it was rejected with not reasons.item And my item can not re-submit
Can you help me to find the problems for my item? I had said with Team review say for me know reasons but them not send.
Please help me!
This is demo my item:
Thank you so much.

Hello friend, it’s a nice template you have there but it still looks unfinished at some point. You also have problems with your typography. Without mentioning spacing and alignment issues. You can code and the starting concept is quite interesting, however there are also responsive spacing and layout issues, particularly in product cards. You need to improve your design a lot and then resubmit with a different name. But is has to look like a brand new product.

Pas mal de fautes de goût et de style, de gros efforts à fournir sur le plan du design. Mais toutefois un bon potentiel pour être approuvé.

Good luck. Best regards.

Hi you.
Thank you for reply.
But I think my typography not problems with my item. I only use typography of google and with SEO then my item then I don’t understand you said. Can you say for me clearly about this problems. Because current my item using SEO standards.
Thank you.

Using google fonts isn’t typography, anyone can do it. However, finding the right font pairing and building a consistent typography hierarchy is a key skill for a web designer. You can search about these two concepts on Google. You’ll find a lot of articles to help you.

font pairing and typography hierarchy

We want to use your template with this homepage : ?
Where can we get it ? Do you offer support ?
Did you correct the reasons it has been rejected ?
Thank you