Themeforest Growler Progression Calendar not working with Wordpress 5.6

The calendar plugin that comes bundled with this theme does not work correctly with Wordpress 5.6. The calendar is displayed, but does not show any events. Also, when trying to edit the event page using Elementor, it can’t load the page. Elementor throws an error saying that the_content function is missing from the page template.

There doesn’t appear to be any way to submit a bug report on Envato or Progression Studios unless I purchase support.

I don’t want to purchase support, I just want to let them know there is a bug so maybe it gets fixed in the next update.


In this case, you can send the bug report to their development team, emailing them from here (the small contact form at the right side): ProgressionStudios's profile on ThemeForest

Although, buying a support package is always a good idea, because this way, you’ll receive specific help for any technical issue you might have with your website. Sometimes, even a theme update will not resolve a technical issue on a website, because some conflicts with certain plugins can appear - and in this case, being able to request for specific support is extremely useful.

Hoping it helps a bit,
All the best!