ThemeForest for wordpress Version 4.3.1



Hi i need to now is the ThemeForest is compatible with wordpress Version 4.3.1.




Themeforest is a large market place with millions of products, it really depends on which item you are talking about, so could you please be a little more specific.
The themes on Themeforest will also include a detailed section about which version it supports.

Like this:


A good majority of the themes will be 4.3 compatible, as above the info is displayed next to each item in the right hand column.

They will only show 4.3 compatibility and not 4.3.1 as .1 is a minor release, Themeforest will only check with each major release (4.3, 4.4 etc).


Just a little more reassurance being added:

Most authors do work to ensure their themes are updated and compatible with version releases.

There is also (as @Proxibolt pointed out with a screenshot) indications of Software Versions.

Refer to those as an indication of what versions that item is compatible with.

Though as a for-sure thing, you can always comment on that item and ask the author regarding it.


Hi Proxibolt thanks for your replay,

The Theme i’m using is the “Koncept - Responsive Multi-Concept Wordpress Theme” ->“

In the details i realize that this theme is software compatible with wordpress 4.2, and i would like to now if someone test this theme in wordpress 4.3 or 4.3.1, i will develop a site using this theme and i need to decide what version of wordpress i will use.

Paulo Branco from Portugal


Thanks OWMLabs, for your replay,
i will folow your advice.

Paulo Branco



Maybe someone on the forum will know if it works with 4.3, but I will still suggest to contact the author (As what @OWMLabs ) said.