[ThemeForest] Envato Review Times

Its really odd, 19 days in review. Any official response?


Do i need 2be worried ?? Cause the max no. of days to get your item reviewed as per the current status is 17 and i have crossed that… Do i need to contact envato ?? And if soo…how do i do it ??? Pls help

nope, just wait

okk…thanks :slight_smile:

17 days already passed where as the maximum time mentioned for WordPess theme is 16 days any help?

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There is already an official response; An Update from the Market Quality Team (average review times)

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19th dayy…i luv tis game :slight_smile:

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8 days ago and working new theme :cactus:


I can’t get what is your problem with waiting? You are able to start new project like @ThemePaper just said especially when you had already approved items.

It is already 19 days my WordPress theme is under review. Don’t understand where on the following link the maximum review time for a WordPress theme is 14 days then it become 16 days when I uploaded the theme but now it is 17 days.

It is now more than 17 days what to do?


However the theme is under review since 19 days now.

Can any one help?

Stay cool, reviewers just looking for a reason.

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21 days…i think i hav created a new record :slight_smile:

What was everyone’s sales last 15 hours?
Its very fishy hear, not one sale from then, in google analytics we have bunch of purchasable sources detected and usually we have 10 new sales until now. Has any one got any clue? Or its just one of those days?


very slow start for this week, its not like usual… maybe it has something to do with all the locked out accounts from new users?

Locked out accounts? Did not know that? Is that fixed?

I dont know if its solved but a lot of buyers are posting to the forum about that issue that they are getting locked out after purchasing something.

For example: New account Locked out

Yes I’ve just checked some posts. It could be… since this kind of drop is really scary. Comparing to the last month its 70%+ drop.

Hope somebody has more info.

Has your new item been approved yet?

No… 11 days now… so 6 more to go :slight_smile: if it doesn’t go up.

Gotcha, yea I’m on Day 11 too. I remember the days when it was even possible to get a day-of first review/approval…