[ThemeForest] Envato Review Times

Of course every reviewer have different “taste”. It’s not only quality and uniques of item, You also must have lucky, but… resubmit queue is only 3 days even they soft reject many many times that same item.

So my question is why we face different reviewers and start over each time on each resubmission. Sometimes you’re being requested to change entire structure of theme after 3rd soft.

No one will tell You this … it’s just the way it work. Someone can give You hard reject and someone can just accept Your theme on first submit.

Different reviewers reviewing your item is actually a good practise for testing. But its a long one. The point is that there are some reports from reviewers that to not contribute to raising the quality bar at all. Some things that are neither bugs neither issues could be passed trough and conditioned for update fix.

There are many ways to do that. In some cases things are being stated that were already fixed and I already addressed this a few times and the respond I got was in the manor “ups sorry, reviewers have to much work and mistakes are made” now if we make a mistake we have 24 our notice to fix it sometimes a soft disable without one. The point this is envato market, they make the shots and rules and the legal terms are set to protect them. We pay them 30% but if something falls and it doesn’t work, search is changed or anything else that drops our sales and brings us a loss who to blame what to do? Nothing… we get a nice sorry a tap on the solder and go to our caves to lick our wounds.

I am being this critical because this marketplace was a shiny beacon just 3 to 4 years a go, after that 90% of decisions that were made were bad for us and were made to push the top up and that’s all.

But I still love it, maybe because there is no viable alternative and they now it!


yep, the lack of competitor destroy every market

To tell you the truth guys the review process if friggin pathetic lately. I dunno what envato is doing but our theme was reviewed by 4 different reviewers and they all say different things looks like its not an envato or WP standard but what ever the reviewers standard is. They are overkilling everything and making no sense on their review requests.



Agreed as far as we are concerned on most cases yes

Guys, your thoughts on this please Experienced community authors for reviewing WordPress Themes

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Just stumbled across this comment, so it’s a bit of a late reply, but…

That’s not quite how it works. More themes doesn’t automatically mean more income, it just means more themes. If I go into a takeaway for a burger and fries, and they’ve doubled the size of the menu since the last time I visited, it doesn’t mean I’m going to buy two burgers and two fries. Sure, I might try something different, but I’m not going to buy twice as much seeing as there’s twice as much selection.

Yes, more themes can have, and probably does have, a positive effect on overall sales… I mean, if you visit a site that only has five themes to choose from, you’re probably going to look elsewhere for somewhere to buy your content. Buyers like choice and a wide range of content to meet their needs, so people uploading more quality items is usually a good thing. And hopefully Envato is on the up, so that will translate to more sales… but more items doesn’t directly translate to more sales… probably more of a ‘redistribution of sales’.

This would probably be more accurate: More themes, more reviewers, more storage space, same amount of sales, less money.


Actually in most cases it means more sales, that is what I was targeting with that comment. If you check the numbers of users is also growing…

Overall traffic is growing that’s for sure, but yes distribution is rubbish top 1% gets 30% of income. We have made a comprehensive analysis of themeforest… which was a part of our employs masters thesis in economy.


But surely that’s correlation rather than causation? Numbers of users may be growing, but are they growing due to, and in proportion to, the number of items on the site? And if the number of items on the site were to double or half overnight, would Envato’s income also double or half overnight?

If it was as simple as more items means more sales, then all of the most wanted competitions would be “upload the most amount of items you can to win a share of…”.

@SpaceStockFootage Just stop re-directing the discussion topic to something else.

I have been an author for 6 years( 7 years will be in June ). ActiveDen was were I started. So please stop feeding the post with nonsense. I had a 1st place Weekly Top on ActiveDen. I had 1st place on ThemeForest HTML Weekly Top for months. I am not an amateur or a beginner, I can spot nonsense from a mile. You are just defending nonsense.

Having a 4th best sold HTML Template gives me the right to have a saying ? Did I earned the right to call nonsense?

I would really love to see a reaction from Envato Staff. 16 days ago @jremick posted an update. Hey, @jremick, 16 days ago review time was not 24 days for Wordpress. Don’t you consider that you should start talking with us? Tell us what to expect? Numbers, real numbers.

“Hey dear authors, you should expect a maximum increase of 100 days for review and after that we will get back to normal review time of10 days. Expect that to happen in X number of days, months… and so on”.

Update, feedback, update, feedback, update… This is how the communication should work.

I have been humble and kept quiet for too long. If other big authors keep quiet, then it is their problem. I get it, they don’t give a cent. But hey Envato, you are here as a big market because of who? Because of you and us. US! We are still in the equation. Start treating us as we deserve, with more respect!

I am curious If anybody from Envato Review Team or Managers cares about this and considers in joining the discussion.

Mediacreed - Mario


I don’t know why all moderators sound the same. They always try to relate things with other businesses which is utter nonsense.

24 days for reviewing WordPress theme suddenly? I don’t get it? It was working fine a month before.

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Yea as far as i inderstand number of submissions jumped 100% atleast according to review times jumping from one week to another.

See the rip-off themes wasting our time in the review queue. See the second theme approved in New items section

I wasn’t redirecting the discussion. Somebody raised a point which was related to review times, but in my opinion, is wrong… so I responded to it. I wasn’t redirecting the discussion, or talking nonsense, or attempting to ignore the original point of the thread. I’m not a reviewer, so I can’t give you the answers you seek. I can answer things I do know about, and this was an example of one of them.

And I’m not defending anything. Just like you feel you are, I’m calling out what I feel to be ‘nonsense’ (a bit harsh, but we’ll go with that)… nowhere have I defended the review times.

I apologise, let me rephrase…

If I go into a digital marketplace for an item, and they’ve doubled the size of their market since the last time I visited, it doesn’t mean I’m going to buy two items. Sure, I might try something different, but I’m not going to buy twice as much seeing as there’s twice as much selection.

Yes, this is what you won’t do. But, you cannot say about others. You never know. :smiley:

24 days for a new items. Oh my god!

Simply: more submit no more reviewer, waiting time increase. That’s all!

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