[ThemeForest] Envato Review Times

I’m at day 23 with my first item

I have some Point.

Envato check the Design first and then Design seems good they moved to Coding review. It takes a lot’s time both authors and reviewers. We need some good decision on that process.

Good Solution needed for both reviewers and authors.

My Suggestion:

They need to review both Design & Coding in one Review (If it seems Soft Rejected).

I know some reviewers has don’t know Design and Some Reviewers Don’t know Coding. But item should reviewed Both of this 2 Reviews. Let me explain.

  1. Item Received.

  2. Item Bad (Don’t look so good and similiar too freebie :P, Note: It’s example). Go Hard Reject.

  3. Item Good but need improvements. Go to Step 4.

  4. Design is reviewing: Design Reviewer checked and need some unique and your item is too similar or need to improve some section with detail. Note: Details written on on that Item. Go to Step 5:

  5. Coding is reviewing: Coding Reviewer checked some function error or Unit Test problem and also Theme Check issues and also Warning, Notice etc then Details also written on that Item.

  6. Senior Reviewer checks this work and add or remove additional Comments or details on Item and send Email to Author.

  7. Author Checked email and fixed all things Send back Item to Envato.

  8. If Author really fixed then Go Step 9. If it’s Bad then go to Step 2.


Boom so much time saved on the Author Item Review Process.


It’s true that there’re many complaints but no any official responses from Envato. 24 days for me

Hi Guys,

We have some itens in the queue for review with 14 days already. According to the realtime review time, it’s set to 10 days (http://quality.market.envato.com/).

Can you guys, share your experience with us?


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20 days into it here. It’s seriously kind of ridiculous. I’m not sure how Envato found themselves in this position, but they need to do something fast to alleviate this serious pain point. Shoot, if they asked for community volunteers (screened of course) I bet they’d get some responses. I’d even be up for some contract work to help review. It’s frustrating seeing the reviewing process going further and further down the chute…

it’s now 24 days dude

When we submited our theme, the queue said 17 days for new items. Then it went to 20, then to 22.
Today is 22nd day of waiting. It is like telling the client the job will be done for 17 days, oh no sorry, for 20, oh sorry, for 22, oh sorry, today I dont know when it will be done. Think of it that way.

It’s a bad way doing a business, any kind of.

24 days… cmone this must be a April 1 joke

Yep, today the number is 24! … few days and they can change timer to months :wink:

ps. get hard reject after 24 days … priceless … for the rest, pay mastercard. :wink:

Actually no, last i checked cards are not available on envato :D:D:D

There are trough paypal… but somebody told us it will be :D:D:D, so … for the rest, pay paypal :smiley:

Based on my previous experiences I’d like to share my thoughts about actual review process which cause more work load and longer review time at envato side. It’s obvious almost every item gets a soft reject if it’s need minor improvements. Once you fulfilled requested revisions you get another soft from another reviewer and another again. This goes on and on. I’ve been faced with 5 or 6 different reviewer and each of them has different standards I believe. This case really pain in the ass for all of us.


Of course every reviewer have different “taste”. It’s not only quality and uniques of item, You also must have lucky, but… resubmit queue is only 3 days even they soft reject many many times that same item.

So my question is why we face different reviewers and start over each time on each resubmission. Sometimes you’re being requested to change entire structure of theme after 3rd soft.

No one will tell You this … it’s just the way it work. Someone can give You hard reject and someone can just accept Your theme on first submit.

Different reviewers reviewing your item is actually a good practise for testing. But its a long one. The point is that there are some reports from reviewers that to not contribute to raising the quality bar at all. Some things that are neither bugs neither issues could be passed trough and conditioned for update fix.

There are many ways to do that. In some cases things are being stated that were already fixed and I already addressed this a few times and the respond I got was in the manor “ups sorry, reviewers have to much work and mistakes are made” now if we make a mistake we have 24 our notice to fix it sometimes a soft disable without one. The point this is envato market, they make the shots and rules and the legal terms are set to protect them. We pay them 30% but if something falls and it doesn’t work, search is changed or anything else that drops our sales and brings us a loss who to blame what to do? Nothing… we get a nice sorry a tap on the solder and go to our caves to lick our wounds.

I am being this critical because this marketplace was a shiny beacon just 3 to 4 years a go, after that 90% of decisions that were made were bad for us and were made to push the top up and that’s all.

But I still love it, maybe because there is no viable alternative and they now it!


yep, the lack of competitor destroy every market

To tell you the truth guys the review process if friggin pathetic lately. I dunno what envato is doing but our theme was reviewed by 4 different reviewers and they all say different things looks like its not an envato or WP standard but what ever the reviewers standard is. They are overkilling everything and making no sense on their review requests.



Agreed as far as we are concerned on most cases yes