Question before I buy ThemeForest DIRECTORY BOX.

I have previously used MapifyPro. In their mapping system, guests can log in and add their own business details to pin to my map - which I approve before their details are posted.

Does ThemeForest Directory Box has this user-friendly function?


Which item are you thinking of purchasing? I can’t find a Directory Box theme but I can find a Directory one - :smiley:

Just let me know and we can tag the author to see if they have an answer to your question.



I found it it - - and

I am not a web designer, but run a not-for-profit website that needs upgrading.

I tried asking this of the author but his answer did not match my question and I cannot see it stated anywhere in the product’s description.


Excellent. I’ll tag the author @Chimpstudio and maybe they will be able to give an answer here.

Does anyone know of a map theme that allows guests to login and and create their own pin text?

This is a really great idea created by MapifyPro, and I would have thought other theme creators would have included it.

Any suggestions?