Themeforest BUGs, 400eror

Themeforest BUGs, 400 error.

Other errors:

  1. New top Search buttons brings you to “best sellers” should be the “best match”
  2. Item update and publishing dates is messing up a whole search (do not know where to start complaining from) I did search for some projects (to buy) and got “latest” built-in 2011 with the latest update in 2014. The other majority of projects I’ve been shown are 2017-2018y.
  3. Artist Profile menu at the top Typography error. 10 px size and etc.
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I’ve also faced the 400 error and notified @rosssimpson about the issue. Please create a ticket with the exact steps you’re taking to get this error and share the ticket number back here so Ross can take a look at things or drop Ross a direct message via his forum profile.

Cheers! :blush:

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It`s in the cookies. I guess I was just browsing the site back and forth when they updated something. Hopefully, it won’t touch a lot of users as sales are 0 for the 8th day in the row.

p.s. it works ok on another browser

Noticed it is the cookies as well on my side. For me it happened when I edited items and couldn’t get back to the market until I cleared all cookies. Refreshed didn’t work. Providing a full detailed explanation of what happened to Ross is recommended. They can accurately pinpoint what happened and increase reliability, hence, sales if buyers don’t have to worry about issues like these.

Hey @Bokstas, I appreciate the report! Something is definitely wrong on our side here. Like @Enabled said, he’s sent through a bunch of details and we’ve got a dev team looking into it. I’ll report back here once we’ve got a handle on it.



Well, I had to reset cookies, and I can log on again. Yet other troubles with search and menus persist. As well another day with 0 sales.

All buttons in the search field are missing too…

I have been getting the following error when trying to move off the homepage on themeforest

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

I am using other browsers, just thought someone needs to know and there is no easy way to contact directly from what I can see.

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Hi @Bokstas, maybe customer has purchased extended 6 months support.


Oh damn. You right. Sorry

Hi folks, our dev team has identified and fixed the 400 error now. It was indeed related to cookies, so clearing cookies would have sorted it out. Please reply back here if for some reason you see it again.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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Hi @rosssimpson ,

Thank you. What about other things? Search field and results? Profile menu with impossible to read fonts?

Me too - what a ball ache :frowning:

Using latest Firefox

@rosssimpson , would seem the 400 error is back… :man_shrugging:t2:

3 posts were split to a new topic: Themeforest best match vs. best sellers

I cleared my cache and cookies, and that seemed to resolve the issue for today :wink:

Thanks @123Simples. I’m surprised that the issue is back; I’ve taken it to the dev team to investigate more.

For anyone else who encounters this problem, clearing your cookies will fix it. We know this isn’t a good solution and we’re still investigating the issue at the backend, but clearing cookies is a quick solution in the meantime.

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Hi @rosssimpson,

Thank you for coming back to us. But what about the new search and other things?

@rosssimpson you have moved my replies but it’s not about Best Match vs Best Seller, it’s about the difference between the main search and the header search, and mobile and desktop versions.

This has gone on for long enough and is affecting more users now.

And while it may have not been a priority, this is a serious issue and requires a proper solution.