themeforest behavioural targeting

good morning :slight_smile:
It is a few days I’m looking for themes on themeforest. I know my behaviour was profiled.
This morning, while browsing local news site, I saw one boxed adv about a themeforest theme.
Ok, it’s behavioural targeting, but the boxed adv sell the theme at 39$, themeforest sell the same theme at 49$.
Who tell me the truth?
behavioural targeting


Probably the adv is not up to date - it was 39$, now it is 49$.

The right price is what you see on ThemeForest.

Thx Coco :slight_smile:
I hade though the same thing. In the real world (off-line) this is a strong mistake. Don’t you?

It is +26% “mistake” and that is huge :smiley: