Themeforest Autospa Car Wash Booking System

I can’t seem to find where to add cars or customize book-your-wash-I? or where to add packages etc. I know where the tab is in wordpress to open up car wash booking system, but it doesn’t have anywhere that says add cars or add services.

On any of the pages you click on, say for example, About Us, it shows About us i the middle, but then there is a smaller breadcrumb with the site name and the about. I unchecked the breadcrumb navigation but it still leaves the second smaller About under the bigger one. Any idea how to remove or hide this?

Example without image

So I’m wanting to use book your wash I. but it only comes up with this info? If I go to book your wash II or III it shows the packages or services. Any idea why the book your wash I isn’t working or showing up right? This is the first time I’ve tried to start changing it.

All style I shows
Features: Booking system with 6 vehicle types, the same packages for all types of vehicles, custom price packages (discount), displaying packages and services, USD currency, 5 services and 5 calendar time slots shown when the page first loads, Monday – Saturday working days, 12-hour time format, US date format, 30 minutes booking slot size, booking allowed up to 7 days in advance, form is resetting after submission. Go to example II

I found if I deactivated the breadcrumbs plugin all together it solves the issue.