Themeforest affiliate commission is not working?

I am an affiliate partner of themeforest through impact. Recently I purchase a theme through my affiliate link for my client but I didn’t get any commission. I am planning to like more blogs on my portfolio website where I will help other creating website through domain, hosting and themes from themeforest. but if the situation is earning zero how can I decide to promote themeforest. Authority should see this matter as it has a great impact on whole website. If a user don’t get a commission why he promotes your product!!! kindly let me know if anyone have solution.

You will get commission if you can bring new customer(s). you will not receive commission if already visited/exist user purchase any item through your affiliate link.

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The commission has probably gone to another person. Make sure you clear the cache ( including cookies ) before you click your own affiliate link. As @mgscoder, somehow, you clicked the link before if that was a new account on a new purchase.

You mean new sign up?

I have clicked the link after clearing all cache with new incognito mode so that commission can come to me. Is it my mistake to buy from my own account?

yes new signup and first time browse/visit Envato.

Also note that you will not get affiliate commission instantly. You will get paid when Envato will pay impact till then commission will be pending status.


What if they click on other user affiliate link and signup and purchase first item using other author affiliate link? Then commission goes to which user? @mgscoder @ki-themes

commission always receive the author/customer/user of the affiliate link. mean who have created the affiliate link from their impact account.

I know but read what i said, there are two affiliates involved, 1 from whose link signup and 2 whose link he use for purchase item, then who will get the commission. author whose link used for signup first time or author whose link used for purchase first item?

As far I know author whose link used for signup first time but there is also time limit and there is a possibility no one will get. so, confirm earning from affiliate if visit, signup, purchase will be done in the same session (at first visit).

  • Affiliate partner of Themeforest through Impact, but did not receive commission for a purchased theme via affiliate link.
  • :globe_with_meridians: Planning to feature more Themeforest products on portfolio website to assist others in website creation.

Absolutely correct. Share your affiliate link with your customers and ask them to buy with your link than you will get commision.

This one will be getting paid

Okay thank you for help

So can I start working on my blog so that other can purchase through my affiliate link. Actually I was confused whether I will get commission or not. Otherwise there is time waste promoting. When I promote hostinger they give us commission instantly and now I am sure that I can earn from them. but I am still not sure about themeforest I can earn if there is a system none can earn with same account for his friend it demotivates to promote further.

Only for the first purchase that comes from your link if the person hasn’t clicked any other promotion link