Theme X Extensions Error 403 when installing Plugins on Hostgator


I cannot get the Theme X Extension Plugins developed by to install on HostGator.
Hostgator responds with a 403 Forbidden Error. Hostgator only has trouble with the Plugins made by not regular plugins.
Any Suggestions?


Please contact Theme Author using their support tab. They will help.


Did you find any solution to this yet ??


I am also facing same issues. Please let me know the solution.


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late reply…just discovered this thread. Keep in mind this is the general ThemeForest forum and for questions related to X definitely direct them to our own comment section where they will be replied to very fast :slight_smile:

There are notes on this issolated issue with HostGator (it has to do with a server configuration they have across the board for all customers) as well as several ways to address it in our Extensions Knowledge Base article.