Theme X broken...again

I recently purchased and installed the latest version of Theme X with Visual Composer. I used a template of an existing page and edited it to create a new page. There were 5 text fields and several images. Each step along the way I saved each individual field and saved a draft of the page. Finally 4 hours later, all was complete. I uploaded the page, only to discover that all of my edits in every text field had been erased, except for the first H2. I now have what amounts to duplicate content live on my site. I am taking that page down now so as not to be penalized by Google, but it seems I have wasted half a day. What caused this? How can I keep this from happening in the future? I was promised the updated Theme would not have the same problems as the old theme, but here we are again. Is this all just a way to get us to pay for upgrades and support?

SOOO frustrated.