Theme with some specific features (attached photos)

Good afternoon, looking for themes to buy with specific characteristics. Can you help me? Attached what I want. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, but in the presentation of the products, the stock would have to appear right at the beginning without the customer having to open it. Thanks.

I can offer theme modifications if you’re looking for paid support. You can contact me via this link/form to discuss the details

I’m looking for a theme already made, preferably wordpress or prestashop, if you need small modifications indicate, but the base is done

You can choose any theme comes with WooCommerce ( WordPress ) and performing the modifications won’t be a problem.

I can also offer modification for PrestaShop as well my suggestion would be WordPress.

It’s not responding to what I wanted, I’m looking for a topic, I’d like examples like the one I sent. When I buy a theme I already have the support I need.

You can search the themes but I don’t you’d be able to find something close to this as this would require modifications.