Theme with different prices for a product

Friends, I bought the theme traveler, very good, already finish the page and now it is totally online, I must make another page and I would like to see if there is a possibility with some theme …

In traveler a tour has a price of
1 pax 100 USD
2 pax 200 USD
3 pax 300 USD

But in the case of my agency is different

1 Pax is 100 USD
2 pax is 150 USD
3 pax is 190 USD

And sadly traveler does not allow me to put different prices to a single tour, someone knows that theme I must acquire that has option, unfortunately in my country there is no payment by Paypal only reservations are made with forms, as you will see in traveler I had to do 1 Tour for a single price and I do not want to commit that eror now.

thanks for your help

Hello :smiley:

Perhaps the author of that theme may know? Here is their support information -


The support tells me that it does not have that option to offer a tour with different prices and is what I need for the other page, I do not know which theme to buy