Theme will not download correctly

I just purchased the GOOD FOOD wordpress Theme and it doesn’t download correctly. I’ve turned off anti-virus and that doesn’t help…it looks like the file downloads but it takes a really long time to finish. Then when I try to install the .zip file it takes a really long time and never installs.


Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you.
Hope your issue will be solved.


I opened a ticket…now the waiting game for them to send me an alternate download link


In the mean time you can try to download the theme using another browser. Sometimes browser can cause an issue.


already tried 3 different ones

Hi @folkart2000 keep patience hope Envato Support team will reply to you soon, they have a ticket queue they replied people one by one my opinion wait for their reply.
Hope your issue will solved.

I received a message from the “support” team. They said to clear cache, clear browser history, use a different browser, use a different internet connection, remove all the files from wordpress….I have done all that and still the same thing. It downloads, then stalls when the file is being verified. then eventually does download. The when I try to install it…it fails.

You can follow that guidance and try with that.
Still don’t working :frowning: please wait for support team reply i hope they will help you out from your issue.


Share your experience briefly with item support team (author team) and ask them their support. Hope they will be happy to assist you.