Theme was rejected without any reason. Need help from community.

I submitted a theme for review a couple of weeks ago and it was declined without any reason or explanation. From my perspective, there should be clear rules common for all authors. In other cases, a theme can be declined by personal feelings - just because a reviewer doesn’t like the colors or my public profile. I don’t think that it is fair and could motivate other authors to submit items.

I’m kindly asking the society to review my theme and give some thoughts - on why it could be declined.

The theme:
It is a Next.JS, Redux, TypeScript, SCSS ecommerce theme.

I can share access to the source code with anybody - just send me the PM.

It is used as a backend and somebody can refer to it as a reason to be declined, but before I started the development - I asked the support team - if I can submit a Next.js theme with this backend.

Thank you.

It looks a very simple website page, it is not well informative and header is too boring…

Overall it looks more like a free starter template than a premium template.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for the opinion!
However, a Subjective opinion can’t be a reason for rejection. If we look at the requirements -

There is nothing said the reviewer has to like my theme or color scheme. If the Evanto assesses the themes relying on personal feelings - it must be put in the requirements. (And in this case, I wouldn’t even try to submit since the rules are not transparent).

Subjectivity is unavoidable with themes or templates to some extent.

The thing to remember is that it’s not just about code or design quality (although these are the basics) it’s also about market relevance, competitiveness, originality, functionality, versatility, value etc.

In this case it’s simply not ready for the marketplace -

  • The features and functionality are very limited with most iPad/phone categories being duplicates of the others

  • The design is not very modern or inspiring and things like typography could be vastly improved

  • You only have one layouts for products and home pages than different layout options

  • Text in about and shopping pages is generic and plain

  • numerous validation issues

  • you need to spend sometime checking mobile performance as it’s not really optimised in places and there’s issues with images loading and the navigation off the home page on a phone

This is SIX years old so the design is not great but see how much more features, layouts, pages, options it offers etc Bolt Demo – Just another WordPress MagikThemes Sites site