Theme upload to wordpress problem

I purchased the E-pix theme in 2014 and when i tried to install it again today, it did not work. I understand one can use it only once, so I bought it again but it still doesn’t work. I try to delete the old themes on my backend but it says ‘theme does not exist’. When I try to upload the new purchased theme, it says it can not upload because the theme already exist?

Hey There,

It seems that you are having some issues with your theme. Have you tried to un-zip the folder, as it might have some more stuff inside, rather than just the theme?

Not sure about your problem, try reset your website and upload it with guidelines below:

  1. Reset site:
  2. Upload theme file with steps:

Make sure your item is wordpress version.

If you’re looking for a paid support, please, feel free to purchase any of the services below:

I have managed to upload the theme but it looks NOTHING like the live preview - why is that? Also, i have paid for 6 months of support form envato but so far no one has contacted me and there is no place on their website where one can contact them? wtf??

Suooort is here although please note this usually doesn’t include installation or set up.

If it’s not looking like the demo then this is almost certainly because you have not yet installed demo content or set up menus etc.

It says there is “one-click” installation which is probably in theme options or read the documentation that comes with the theme and will explain the process.

Note - it’s quite common for this type of theme to not include the images used in the demo as often they don’t have distribution rights.

thank you, i did import the demo content and the photos and content they use is there. the pages in the theme are not even close to set up to the live demo - every single page’s widgets needs to be done manually! no wonder they charge extra for installation. what a rip off!