Theme upload doesn't work

Hi guys,
I bought and uploaded a medical Theme on a website. Everything fine. The Theme was huge, so I tried the different options, I messed something up and decided to delete it and reinstall it.
But now all the pages do not show up again, also the menu is gone.
I tried also to create a new subdomain but nothing works.

I would really appreciate some advice.
Thanks Susi

Hi Susi,

You may need to reassign your menu in “Appearance > Menus” section. For further help please contact Author of the theme directly.


WP themes don’t look the same as the demo you see on envato until you have created or installed demo pages and/or content.

Assuming the theme is installed then. Heck the documentation with the file or contact the author.

Hi Charly,
actually the first time I uploaded it it was exactly the same as the Demo version.
I think it has something to do that you are not allowed to upload a theme twice… the problem was that i use it for the same client. so something got blocked…
thanks Susi

Thanks for your reply! I tried to talk with the author, because I wanted to start working on the Demo page and not creating all the pages on my own. The Demo was perfect for my client, so this was the reason why I bought it.

Thanks a lot!

One more question,
I opened a “ticket” for my problem, how long do u think does it take that someone answers?
I really don’t feel any support. I really should start working on the theme but the installation doesn’t work the second time.

Any ideas?
Thanks Susanne

Assuming you submitted the ticket to the author support and not envato?

If you click above the item preview image on the item page there is a tab labelled “support” which should give you an indication

well actually I postet it on the theme support site…
hmm… no answer yet…

Do you know about problems when u install a theme, then delete it for some reason and reinstall it? and then it doesn’t work anymore?

Cheers Susi

Without seeing the site it’s hard to comment but when you first uploaded it - a WP theme would not come out of the box looking like the demo and would require importing demo content/XML. Did you follow the same procedure this time? This is a separate new copy of the theme and not the same one being used on more than one website or domain?

Hi Charlie,
this was the theme:

I imported (the second time) the demo data with madza import, but it doesn’t work.
It’s a plank page with all the content gone… here u can see it:

Cheers Susi