Theme update using Envato Wordpress Toolkit fails partially



My theme (Odio) uses a few third party plugins.
After updating the theme (this was OK), I needed to update two outdated plugins (source ‘Pre-packaged’).

After updating both plugins, I got two errors:

The second error means: Update package not available…

The Envato Toolkit is not working properly, I presume…
Here you see the content of the ‘All files & Documentation’-zip file:

In the plugin directory, there a zip files of each plugin. The plugins of the theme authors are updated, but the two third party plugins aren’t.

Can someone help me, please?

Do I need to upload manually these plugins (after deactivating? deleting? them first)?


I think you need to enter the license key of the visual composer which is included in the package when you purchase and download.


Thank you, jk_theme, but this plugin is bundled with the theme. Without a Visual Composer license key.
This is what the Visual Composer support screen shows after clicking on the button ‘Activate Visual Composer’:


It seems that you do not have any valid license for Visual Composer. What does it mean? It may be so that you got Visual Composer by purchasing WordPress theme which does not grant you with direct license for Visual Composer.


Where did you download the bundle from?

If you have download the bundle from somewhere else this may be a problem,

we will advise you to contact the envato support immediately.


Hello Themebus,
I used the Envato Toolkit: on the Themes tab, I used the ‘update’ link. From that point, normally everything is taken care off by Envato Toolkit: backup my active theme version and upload, install and activate the new version of my theme.

Besides, I don’t know how to contact the envato support…


You need to open a ticket to envato support.

Then click submit ticket.


Thanks! I submitted a ticket to envato support. Hopefully I will get a solution.


The Envato Toolkit no longer works.

The Envato Market plugin needs to be installed instead:

You can try making a manual backup of the website. Then delete the 3rd party plugins. Then manually install them from the manually downloaded zip file. This will get the latest version installed.

They may ask you for license codes, that is only if you purchase a license for visual composer to receive faster/easier updates.


dtbaker, you helped me a lot. I got rid of the Envato Toolkit, I mailed my theme author (because Envato Toolkit was pre-packaged with the theme).
I installed the Envato Market plugin.

Through FTP, I deleted the 3rd party plugins and I manually installed them. And I mailed the theme author, because I think he made a mistake. He pre-packaged this plugins as a plugin directory in a zip file in another zip file…

Everything works fine now. Thanks again for your advice!


Glad you got up and running! And thanks for emailing the theme author, hopefully they can fix it in a future update so others dont have to go through the same hassle.