Theme Unit test Issue

Hello, I create a magazine WordPress theme

You probably got the hard rejection on some other issues. If there’s an issue with the test unit, they ask you to perform the changes instead of “rejecting” the theme

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Thanks for your valuable opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

So what is the actual name of this theme, Kunit, Kyrill or Kristo?

BTW I do not see any issues with the Unit Testa.

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Also, what is your connection to this Kiwi Lab company, are you a developer there or do you own it?

thanks a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:

This theme is just a rip-off of Digiqole (and probably some another) theme.

Just take a look at master.css of both themes. Basically the same TOC, what are the chances…?
There are many more “accidental” similarities like that; same copy, parts of the HTML, JS files, etc.
Also the site of that “company” screams fake.

@SplendidWP stop stealing others people work, stop pretending you are some cool NZ company and stop wasting others people time.