Theme TREE BEARD error


I’ve just downloaded the theme TREE BEARD and it comes with an error:

[02-Feb-2017 09:19:39 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘optionsframework_admin_init’ (T_STRING) in /home/USERFTP/WEB/wp-content/themes/treebeard/admin/admin-interface.php on line 1

Could you please tell me how to solve it?

To be honest… having an error at the installation it’s not what anyone can expect from a “premium theme”.

Contact the author for free support

Ok thank you!

I’ve contacted him but i have no response…

Just keep on contacting him. He will definitely get back to you.

All the best!

Still the same after some days and i need for tomorrow the theme!!! please try to contact him for me… when you buy a premium theme you expect that it works properly…