Theme Translation - WPML in Realty by ThemeTrail

hello guys,

I’m using WPML to translate a website. I created pages in PT and EN.
I want to create a Property Search using Theme Options> FIELDS: PROPERTY SEARCH. I have created some customs fields and are the ones that will be used as search fields.
In the English page, I make the settings and at the end I save. but when i click to change the language to PT, these settings are cleared.
my problem is that if I change the settings in each of the languages, automatically the other language is clean and this implies that in the search page view, only 1 works, and if you change the language on the site, it is not possible to see the search filters.
I think PROPERTY SEARCH is not responding correctly when changing lanes to set up the fields.

I need your help on how to do this to create the 2 identical filters but in different languages.

You’re Best solution to this is by contacting the theme author here ->

You can try to contact the author but it’d be considered as a custom work due to the problem is related with 3rd party extensions, not many authors provides support for it. If you’re interested in paid support, feel free to drop me an email via the link below: