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I want to build a website using the Salient Theme and I need to know if I can purchase the theme for the customer using my payment information so I can have access to the theme and then after the site is finished I want to hand everything over to the customer including the Salient theme. Can this be done so he will have full access to the theme along with updates? Is the theme purchase linked to emails? Can I just give him a “product key” or “registration number”? How is the best way to proceed with this? I need to let the customer know before I start building the site.

Get the client to buy it.

You can transfer the right to use the theme to them.

Maybe if there is auto updates from WP admin then it might be ok but otherwise, or if anything goes wrong then they will have no access to updates, support etc

Always a better idea to have the client buy it

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Will still have access to design with the theme on my computer?

You shouldn’t do - once the project is done then all copies should be surrendered and removed except the one in use especially if it’s licensed to someone else.

For example if you do buy the theme then when you hand it over on completion then you would need to entirely remove it from your systems

What I meant was, After he purchases the theme can I have access to use it to start designing the site?

You will have access to the theme after client buys and gives you the theme.

How would he “give me” the theme if the theme only has a 1 user license? Would he just have to send me a user name and password or a product key? How would we both have access to it?

Only his account has access to the theme, he can either share his login credentials or send you the files and purchase code.

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i have the Salient Theme that requires an update. my Web Designer bought the theme in her company’s name and now i can’t update. how can i get this theme in my company name?

You won’t be able to move it to your account. Your options are:

  1. You can buy your own copy/license of the theme

  2. Your developer can install the envato plugin and connect updates via that in the website admin

I’m not getting you. Why buy another Salient theme, I have been using this one for 2 years. Why can’t I transfer it from mi Web Designer to my company?

The web company can giveyou permission to use the theme.

What they cannot do is transfer the ability to download the the updates directly from Themeforest

Installing the plugin and registering the theme using the purchase code would mean that you should be able to access the downloads from the theme admin.

first, let me thank you for your quick response to a problem that has my website down for now. i have installed the plugin and just need the purchase code from her. thanks again.

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