Theme support time

I bought 3 themes A (same type) for 3 of my websites. By default, each theme you buy will be supported for 6 months. But I only received 9 months of support from the author when I bought 1 theme A at the beginning of the year and 2 themes A in March.
Should have been 18 months of support.

Does anyone know why themeforest timed it like that?

Thank you

Hi @dobidigi,

For each purchasing customer will receive the first 6 months of support from the author. You purchased 3 licenses same theme 1 license in January so support start from January then again purchased 2 licenses in March so your support first 6 months start/initialed from March. In short, each license will get the first 6 months (start from the purchased date) support from the author.


But that is a disadvantage for many buyers

Sorry! but Support start from the purchased date and for the first 6 months. It is usual common rules for any product. for example if you purchased 3 Laptop and for each laptop has 1 year service free then will you get 3 years free service because of you purchased 3 laptop! Thanks