Theme Support for a Now Unsupported Theme

I have this theme: which I know is a premium theme & it is no longer supported.

The reason I am posting here, is because I can’t even access my WordPress admin with the theme active now. If I deactivate it thru FTP, WP admin works again.

Are there any things that I can try to keep this site up & running, while still running this theme? I don’t necessarily want to have to build a new site a this time.


My opinion get in touch with Envato Customer Success they would like to assist you.
At here Envato Forum we can’t do anything about this issue.


You could look for a freelancer to hire and help

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Thank you for your replies. @unlockdesign actually I was sent here by Envato Customer Success. They told me there was nothing they could do & that my best option was to go here.


In forum we can give you a guideline or can share our experience.
As you have mentioned theme is unsupported then for getting any assist or for doing any fixing you would go with a freelancer/developer. If you would like you can hire any freelancer from Envato Studio. WordPress experts at Envato Studio. They’re really good and surprisingly affordable.