theme style.css error

Helle Dear,

I downloaded your theme;
themeforest-kjNRYsil-angora-responsive-one-page-parallax-wordpress-theme-file-and-license20200401-20132-1rqjdl5 but there was an error while installing. There was "no sytle.css file " error.

Please correct error and send me true theme.


Make sure you select the “Installable WordPress file only” option. If you select “All files & documentation”, you will not be able to install this zip as is. Instead unzip the file and then locate the installable theme file within it. Luckily most developers clearly label their files, so it should be pretty easy to find.

you can check this helpful article stylesheet error

Also you can unzip your purchased download (All files & documentation) and check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support in documentation how to install and all necessary help. If you have still problem with the theme then The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author. Contact Author because Item Author are best expert about their Item functionality.


I downloaded theme from this link.

unzip the download there you will find another zip, extract that zip you will find a folder named ‘Angora - Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme’. within that folder you will find 2 zip files ‘’ and ‘’ these 2 zip are theme files you have to install

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thanks alot. it iokay now …

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Hello again
As you said, I installed themes and plugins. However, the theme I have installed is definitely not like the theme on your sample page. Very different. What else do I have to do? Or is it because it’s a free theme?
I would like your support.

Thank you

No WP theme will look like the demo until demo content is installed and the theme is set up correctly

It is possible that if the theme was free then the author may not include the demo content (although unusual). If it exists then there there are instructions to add it here.

Note: " Images are only for demo purpose and not included with the download package." so no images will be included regardless of if the other content is

It’s worth mentioning that free themes do not come with any support or updates in the way that purchases from themeforest etc. do so you will need to either buy the full copy or hire help to maintain the site.

I want to ask the difference between grassywp and grassywp-child. Please tell me the difference?

what is the difference between grassywp and grassywp-child ?

It’s the parent and child theme - child theme inherits the functionality and styling of the parent . The idea of a child theme is that you can modify, and add to the functionality of the parent theme without modifying it directly. The parent remains intact, everything is built into the child theme

Given you are using a free theme and will not have author updates, using this approach will be very helpful

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I am trying to change the title of the site. Old Title “My Blog”. But I couldn’t see where the theme would change. There is no site setting in the theme. Please help how to change the title of the site. Thanks.

If it’s literally just the title then appearance > customise > title

FYI this is not to edit the theme name if someone was to inspect the code

site title you will find in Settings => General

Free item don’t come with any support and future update. If you like, you can certainly purchase the theme license from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support and lifetime auto update feature. you can get any technical support from the theme author.




Hello again,
Is there a user manual for installing the Grasywp-child and editing the theme? For example, the theme has 6 homepages, 2 contact forms, how do I keep my own use and remove the others? I request support in this regard. Thank you

Free themes do not come with support.
If you have trouble working with the theme then yo should consider buying the license and get 6 months of support from the author.

It’s worth mentioning that even full documentation and support doesn’t cover “how to use” the theme

There is unfortunately an assumed level of basic understanding of how WP works

Yes I know how WP works. I intalled a simple theme, but I am the first time using that kind of theme.

It’s my theme as free this month. I replied you as comment in theme page. You MUST unzip the main zip file and install to WP.