Theme soft rejection due to unique, non-generic names

Hi Everyone,
My theme has been soft rejected due to " We’re now requiring unique, non-generic names for all new submissions before we can proceed. In addition to this author’s cannot use names that are already on Market Place. Search and make sure that chosen name does not exist".

" I can’t understand this issue", Can you any one please suggest me with brief explanation regarding the above review.

Thank you.

It’s clean, just change the name of the item and submit it again

Thank you for responding, You mean theme name?


Could you please explain, I need to change theme files and functions names everything?

Hello Sitesspark,

There are 2 reasons for that soft rejection.

  • The name of your theme is not unique. Its already used by another theme on ThemeForest.
  • Your name is non-generic, for example names as “Storm” and “Minimalistic” a getting soft rejections.

An easy solution is change the Name of the Theme. Not only in ThemeForest but allso everywhere you mention it in the Theme ( style.css, folder names, example logo, ect. )

Hope this helps you.

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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.