Theme soft rejection - can u tell me what is wrong?

Hi! This is my first theme which has been made for selling but there is something to change. Can you look at it and tell me what can I change to make it look better? Thank you in advance.

Some sections look good some done, the once which don’t look good/need more work are - hero, ‘your title here’ area, date selection popup. Other areas look good but need spacing around them.

Thanks Eiger, I will look at it. What is wrong with date selection? I don’t know JS very well, so maybe it would be better to leave only the form, but without showing inner functions as dates and callendars etc. because it will be set up by a programist?

Try learning basics of JS, it’ll be essential for theme development. You won’t need JS to style the calendar dropdown, you can do it through regular CSS.

Ok, I did some changes. I know basics, of course :slight_smile:

Ok, I did some changes :slight_smile: What do you think?

need to fix also the validation it s full of error:


Thank you for your valuable note

Ok, it’s done. Remaining warnings can be ignored because it is html5.
I need to work a little over the second booking form in the single room sub-page.

Hi. I did my page in bootstrap 4 now. What do you think about it?