Theme review feedback - can we explain to reviewer?

Hey guys,

Recently, I do have the submission to themeforest, all good, I got the reviews from reviewer, but after the first time submit, the 2nd submit, reviewer gave me an error where I can’t find anywhere to fix.

Can you please please tell me what is the reason? or can we tell - explain reviewer to understand?.

Here’s what Im facing:

  1. Use to check and clean all links.

I have escape where I see I can, it’s quite much, but still dont know why he still gave me this fix. I have used folder find for “url” with .php file in sublime, and as I can see I have escaped all the url I output.

Do you have any way to search better or more detail?

  1. Please use get_template_directory when including/requiring files

I have defined something like this:

define( ‘TASTED_URI’, get_template_directory_uri() );
define( ‘TASTED_CSS’, TASTED_URI . ‘/assets/css’ );

Then I use that global include, like

wp_enqueue_style( ‘tasted-css-style’, TASTED_URI. ‘/style.css’, array(), ‘1.0’ );

And reviewer had me that fix, is my include has any wrong, or I all have to incude with get_template_directory ?

Thank you very much guys, let’s talk about this, it might be helpful for the others!

  1. Do a global search “echo $” and escape them

  2. Do a global search “dirname” and replace them with get_template_directory()

thanks man.

1/ I have did, but cant see things need to escape anymore, as something must follow wordpress rule.
2/ Thanks man, I have did, it procuded the result list with all of redux framework only, so what sould I do with it?

Thanks mate!

Maybe you should use Redux framework as a plugin with TGM Plugin Activation.

Hmm, I think I will try to explain to reviewer to see what he think!. Do you have any idea mate?

Yes, give it a try. I don’t have any idea yet. Good luck!

You must fix this issue in Redux Framework files too if any (this is weird, but you must do this). Sometimes reviewer checks even theme plugins for this errors.

Hi mate,

Yeah I havethink about that too, but it’s the open source framework, where you have to update when Redux update, or something like that, so if we change things, special in require, includes…it will make it harder to update afterward.

How do you think?

Don’t bundle redux with the theme.

That’s might be a good idea, we will include options framework as a required plugin with TGM, I have fixed some escape from TGM too, but usually I saw author include right away in theme, that’s why I followed them

Also, please perform a global search of echo$ and escape them all. Run a theme check and fix if any errors or notices arising from your theme. Then, hit the upload button. Good Luck!

My second theme under review. :smiley:

I did the echo $, but all the esacpe for url is done, I have fixed quite much, but cant fix all mate. let’s see.

Theme check didnt raise any error anymore mate!

echo$ should be fixed else you will end up getting rejected everytime.

agree, you must crawl each file, escape, and sanitate each output, even __( not allowed now, or getting rejected everytime,

thanks guys, I have fixed that.

Now, they want me to fix

“Please use get_template_directory when including/requiring files”

Can you please suggest me a way to have the keyword to search?

Thanks guys much!