Theme rejection: why and how to improve ?

Hello, everybody.

I’ve been trying to get my templates sold; until now I got 3 rejections, with the last one being thought by me to be satisfactory for the conditions of acceptance.

Below is a live preview of my template:

Can you tell me please what is wrong with the design/the template in general; and what could be the possible reason for its rejection?

Thank you for reading.

Just wanted to bring the topic up since I got no replies,

Hello mate,

I think you have no replies because, to be honest (nothing personal) your template demonstrates that you’re nowhere close to being approved on themeforest. I mean yes, their review process is harsh, sometimes their answers feel like “polite rudeness”, but they have their standards and they stick to them.

You still lack design skills to produce a professional template that can be sold, no offense. Just keep practicing until you get good.

Personally, I also struggle with TF, they keep soft rejecting my template, whereas Iam already approved on other nice marketplaces (which I can’t tell the name here) that have good sales too.

In fact, until now I couldn’t earn a penny from TF whereas I already made sales elsewhere. The room for new authors is very tight, they only pick the very best, which we are obviously not :smile:

Here is a link to my template so you see what they considered worth soft rejection, and compare it with yours in terms of layout, colors, typography, diversity, features etc…

Bulkit - Agency, Startup and Landing page template