Theme rejection - please advise


Trying to submit Joomla theme with no luck. Can anybody point me to the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

hi @ miojamo , Overall Hierarachy of your design is not okay i think , you didn’t use proper spacing between images and fonts . take a time to look at your overall design again …you should improve your typography and also change images, some of your images are a little blur . this makes bad impact on a reviewer

Thanks crown_technologies for your feedback & your valuable time. I will check the layout and try to fix it. Is it possible to use your experience if still having problem with submitting?

yes we are here to help . try to change your theme errors on your own i will suggest you. cause then you will become a good designer , the reason i’m saying this , is just because it’s not the last item you’re submitting on theme forest . after the approval of this item you will make new templates/themes etc. so u will be already aware of previous mistakes that you’d made on this template. so it makes a big difference between rejection or approval . try to read some design principles

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Ok great! and what do you mean by typography? what is wrong with it? The font or font size?

Hi crown_technologies, I’ve made the changes. Please have a look if it does looks better now.

Thanks a lot in advance.

hi needs more improvements . if you can hire some designer it would be more easy to improve your theme . i don’t think it’s still ready for theme forest . it needs a lot of improvements

Logo is weak

Do you have permission to use those official product images/logos etc?

Typography needs attention throughout esp. Title fonts and the category tags

Design generally could do with modernizing

What’s your connection to where else this is sold? Why would you have live links to it being sold on a competitor marketplace when you want to sell it on Themeforest?

None of the changes needed above will make any difference when you are an exclusive author selling it elsewhere. You either need to be non exclusive or take it down from the other site.