Theme Rejected, Please help to find solution.

Hi Guys,

We have successfully uploaded our HTML template in last April and on the success of the same, we have created wordpress theme of the same design / concept. Here is the demo.

But we got the following response from the review team.

Unfortunately your submission Blackair - One Page Theme for Hair & Beauty Salon isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. Here’s some feedback from our Review team on why it couldn’t be accepted.

Sorry but your theme does not meet the minimum quality requirements to be accepted into the WordPress category. Please concentrate on improving typography, layout, and general styling as these are key factors in gaining approval into the marketplace.

If layout, typography is not matching the requirements of Themeforest audience, then why my HTML template is running well. Could you please share your thoughts, how do I resolve this issue ? Is there any way, I can ask review team to reconsider their decision or else ?

Please advice.


Please somebody reply.