[Theme rejected] My recent submission was rejected within 10 mins. Need some advice.

This item was rejected with in 10 mins after the submission. This theme was developed from an approved PSD template and it took 2 months for the development so I guess atleast the item deserve 20-30 mins of time from the reviewer.

Demo here: http://modernhaus.kaththemes.com/demo/

Some advice of improvements from expert authors would be really appreciated.


did you refer your psd link when submitted ?

I think main reason is quality standard home design are not looking good.
I’m not sure but i think this item will not approved on WP platform you have to update design quality.


Hi @Bickyg

It can’t be a factor that PSD already approved. Envato Quality Team at first check the Item design UI if the UI meet the quality then they check overall as like coding, file structure, …

So, please be patient and spend some times to study on Most recent Trending Item to know the current trending features and quality.

Best of luck for your next new submit.


Reviewers look the design at first recently. So, it’s difficult to get approved now. I made 5-6 revisions to an HTML template, too.

At 1st, you can remove button effects. Then, try to change the view of each section a bit.

Nupe I did not link to the approved PSD but I mentioned in the comment that its developed from an approved PSD template.
These are the screenshots sent by the reviewer: