Theme rejected, but can't understand why

I got an email that my theme for wordpress needs improvement. The problem is that they sent me a list of general info. I was already aware of those guidelines, and my theme was built with that in mind.

the theme demo isonline at
it is a wordpress version of a theme already on themeforest (we have a partnership).

It was my first theme and it was rejected after few days.

Before submitting it I checked it with theme check plugin, and I red few blog posts, to hear form different experiences.
The only thing I can see right now are few validation errors, not my theme’s error but wordpress and plugins.

for example these errors and warnings ( ) are created by yoast breadcrumbs and default wordpress search widget.
the one in the typography page are created by a column plugin and wpautop function
So it’s hard to solve them…

I already solved a few validation problems deleting some spaces in the text editor, thus avoiding the

that wordpress automatically adds

For the rest, I’ve been reading the list they sent me in the answer email at least five times, and those are all things I was checking while developing it, and double checked it again, but I wasn’t able to find the issue.

Any advices?

This actually depends on the type of reject, is it a hard reject or a soft reject.

Try reading the feedback the reviewer has given you, as they don’t make mistakes that often.
After you have done everything re-submit it and mention the comments that the same template has already been accepted in some other category, maybe include a link to that item.

Good Luck :smiley:

hi, the validation, sanitation, and escape not only for a theme, but for you’re plugin too,