Theme rejected because of base64_encode() - Twitter API uses it. What now?

Our latest theme was rejected because it uses base64_endode() in the Twitter API Wrapper as there seem to be new Themeforest requirements that absolutely forbid base64.

At the same time, in the Twitter API documentation ( ) is written the following:

Finally, the signature is calculated by passing the signature base string and signing key to the HMAC-SHA1 hashing algorithm. The details of the algorithm are explained in depth here, but thankfully there are implementations of HMAC-SHA1 available for every popular language. For example, PHP has the hash_hmac function.

The output of the HMAC signing function is a binary string. This needs to be base64 encoded to produce the signature string. For example, the output given the base string and signing key given on this page is …

Well, is there a way to generateTwitter signature without base64?

Your Twitter API wrapper should be in a plugin.

Thank you. Yes, it worked like that.