Theme rejcted after multiple soft rejects


We had a theme submitted in ThemeForest. The Theme was reviewed by multiple author with minor issue like escaping, validation, prefixing, and some design inconsistency. It was reviewed by at least 5 reviewer with only minor issue which we kept fixing in the later submission. But lastly the theme was rejected by the reviewer without giving any reason of rejection which shocked us. If there were the issues that could possible be the reason for the rejection, the previous 5 author should have closed it but we did not get any such issues from those reviewer. And to say, we had kept fixing all the issue mentioned by previous reviewers. So we are now confused about what could be the possible reason for the theme for rejection for submitting it again.

So i just want some help from the theme authors if they had also been through the same problem.



Probably this time was strongly rejected.

With repeated increases without any “acceptable” improvement, it is possible that the quality team has rejected the work so that you seriously investigate the packaging standards. And start a new job.

If you can show a demonstration, many community members will be able to try to help you.

Good luck.