Theme recomendation Wordpress

I am looking for a theme like this but in wordpress
If anybody has a good recomendation I appreciate it

Does it have to be WP?

Yes. I know that themeforest has this one for ghost but i really want it for WordPress.

Chances are : You wont find anything resembling this theme.
I know - Ive scoured the entire web looking for a Wordpress version + it doesnt exist.

The only other option which I can think of is : Buying the Ghost version of the theme and hiring a developer to convert it to Wordpress :thinking:

Just search Wordpress Development + you will get a plethora of results.
Check out the sellers profile + reputation before you proceed with anything.
Also : take into consideration that youre looking to pay over a $100.00 for something like this - IF you want this theme that badly that is :wink:

Good luck :slight_smile: