Theme Purchase Now But Theme Support Saying Invalid Purchase code


I just purchased Berger Salon theme from ThemeForest. I first enquire them by presale query on theme comments and once they satisfy me I purchased the theme.
After purchasing the theme I try to contact them on Support it says invalid purchase code even then I am entering the right purchase code. Also the theme is not activating.

How to contact ThemeRex now. I bought Berger Theme. Here is the location of the theme and support url. Berger | Barbershop and Hairdresser + Tattoo Salon WordPress Theme by ThemeREX and
Support Desk | Submit a ticket
Please some one help me because this way I cant use the theme even


You can tell about the issue directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page.

Or send them a direct email going through the author profile page in Envato market, there you will find a contact form.


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I posted on their comment but the idea to send email is good too. I did not know about it. I just messaged them. Hopefully they will fix it. but do you think this is envato problem? because I copied the purchase code from Envato

It’s really difficult to say. API site can be down (but possibility very low). Please make sure there is no space when you copy the code:

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I m using themeforest for almost 10 years now and created 50+ websites. I am sure about copying the purchase code and without spaces. but its not working. I guess may be from the theme itself. however I have requested a refund because I just bought it today. anyways thank you bro. :slight_smile:


Requesting a refund just because no one answers you during a weekend seems a little harsh. @ThemeREX is a power elite author, and it sounds like a case of impatience on your part rather than an issue with the theme or the purchase code.

Unless there is a definite issue with the theme, it’s unlikely your refund request will be approved, especially since you have downloaded and presumably installed the theme.

If I stay up all night long, you can post comments and expect a reply, but some people do have weekends off!

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Ah no. Certainly I am not impatient. I have requested refund because the theme can not be activated or even I could not raise a support ticket which doesn’t have to do anything with the weekends. Like here I was able to raise a topic even on weekends.
If the author fix the issue then it does not matter at all because I purchased theme to use it not to get refunded. Thanks

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There might be an issue with the activation of the theme - I don’t know my friend, but it could simply be down to the authors servers not working correctly to allow the activation to complete.

Option 1:
If you downloaded a Themerex theme on Envato Elements, without getting a regular purchase code (like for premium themes bought on, then this step-by-step guide is for you. It shows how to activate the theme using Envato Elements token.

Option 2:

Explains how to do it if you downloaded via Themeforest.

Keep the faith - this author will sort you out :wink:

@123Simples , @mgscoder We are sorry to hear that you faced issues when activating the theme using the purchase code. Your purchase code is valid. This issue sometimes happens when the Envato server is overloaded with purchase code validation requests. All you need is just try again later. We received your request, and the manager in charge of refunds has offered assistance in the request thread. Unfortunately, we received no response from you. Could you please reply there? We surely want you to be satisfied with the product you purchased. Looking forward to hearing from you either via the refund thread or via our support system.