Theme problem

I have a problem with the author of a theme written by you. I am contacting them for support and no one answers and the theme is not working properly. Please help me.

Theme name: melipona
Author: peacefulqode

You can contact this author by emailing them through Envato:

The theme and your concerns need to be addressed by the author, and it might be that they have not received your request for help, or perhaps you have not allowed them time to reply. Only the author can support you for your theme.

Just to manage expectations - that theme only came out today and the author does state that support can take 2 business days

I tried to contact the author but he didn’t answer until now and I can’t wait.


See what @charlie4282 has correctly said - in an ideal world of course we would everyone to be at our beckon call, but unfortunately it does not work that way, and you have to be patient. Just because an author does not immediately reply does not mean they are not being supportive. First you have time differences around the world, and not everyone wants to be awake all day all night waiting to send a reply.