Theme Problem can't import

I have purchased the Let’s Blog theme and paid to have it installed by Envato. Unfortunately the installer says there is a problem with the theme and it cannot be imported he says the php is good but the theme will not import. I have absolutely no clue as to what he is talking about nor how to fix it. I have attempted to contact the author of the theme. I am really annoyed having spent all damn day on attempting to import this only to give up and pay a so called expert to find even they can’t fix the problem.

What am I supposed to do now if a professional can’t install???

Do you know what error or issue is occurring?

It seems highly unlikely that there is an is due with the theme - aside from the fact it would not have been approved if it could not be installed that theme is by one of the top and most respected authors on here.

It is a weekend so may take a while for them to reply but again they have a strong support team.

Did the person you paid to install it give you any more info? Did you organise this by choosing the option when buying the theme?

The most common cause here is a insufficient PHP upload/memory limit, and/or timeout limits. Those are PHP settings that have nothing to do with your theme, but if the theme import is a rather large file, and/or pulling a large number of (large) files (in general images) from other external servers during import, if your PHP settings are too restrictive, an import will often times fail. Those issues often times occur on lower end hosting plans and can only be fixed by making changes/adjustments to your server’s PHP settings.

But if you paid a “professional” installer, s/he should have checked/adjusted those settings and provide you with a little more detailed answer, other than “it doesn’t work”. And just like @charlie4282 said, this is a very popular theme from a respected author, so chances are that the issue really is your specific server setup, which can not be blamed on the theme author.

No idea what issue he simply said the php is good but the theme won’t import. I have a genesis framework with a Foodie theme with no issues. I want to replace the Foodie with Let’s Blog. I did choose the install option when I bought the theme as well. Having read all the reviews of the theme with no issues I was pretty sure it wasn’t the theme but I have no clue how to fix as I am totally new to all this stuff and have no ideas on how to fix it. I have contacted support, I got a refund in seconds but no response to my query about the issues.

Thanks Tekanewa I thought exactly the same thing. The installer said the php was fine and that was it. I admit to getting a little annoyed and did say to him I was paying him $50 to install the darn thing so that I would not have these problems.

Not sure a genesis framework is helping as that theme is not a Genisis child or related.

Ideally (appreciate if you are new to this then it may not be obvious), is a completely fresh/blank WP installation with only the basics and then try to install the theme and I would think that could work.

Either way I would suggest contacting envato support if you paid for installation and they haven’t or can’t do it. It really does not sound like something which the installation service should not be able to address.

interesting thought but I was told it should be just fine on Genesis - I am guessing I should download and save the existing site to re-upload if I do a new WP install? But really surely the installer should have asked that question in the first place, he could see very well that I had the Genesis framework with the Foodie theme I was trying to replace…

Yes an installer should have seen this. I could be wrong and potentially someone with greater WP experience than me may be able to shed more light but I can’t see how the two would work together.

If you’re worried about the existing site and haven’t installed the new theme anywhere already then why not create a sub domain or test installation of WP and try installing it there to see if that is the issue?

Well Envato support has been absolutely useless. I was contacted via email only to tell me this:

Hi Faith

Thanks for reaching out.

While providers are on hand to install this for you, any issues which are outside of the scope of this service such as installation issue will need to be resolved by before we can install this.

There are a number of different factors that can cause this e.g. item/theme and hosting, both which the provider has no control over.

I hope this adds some clarity and I can see the job has now been cancelled.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Talk about absolutely freaking useless. I have responded of course asking for more help, but am beginning to get a little ticked.

From what I see from the response you’ve received there seem to be other issues with your server that are impeding installation…

Well that maybe but again surely the installer should have known that and said so? I would totally understand if he couldn’t fix it - not his job but some kind of answer would have been helpful. I have finally gotten through to Theme Forest to attempt to sort it out but this is just a joke. I have never had problems with other themes, I have even tried refreshing WP and reloading it still doesn’t work.