Theme Plugins Updates Upon Request - Not User Friendly

Dear Envato Team,

I’ve been using several themes but only very few of them are getting updated. Most themes are outdated with old plugins versions.

To keep plugins updated, I have to contact developer with requests. Most of them react within hours and are polite and provide updated plugins without any issues. That is not a problem from time to time but if e.g. WPBakery is releasing Page Builder builds every week, this might be time consuming and ineffective.

Why there’s not more user friendly option for customers to get latest plugins version directly from plugins developers?
We’d use licensed theme purchase code to download latest plugins whenever update is available without bothering theme developers with these queries so they can focus on making and improving their products.

It’s because of the plugins come “free” with the theme and theme purchase code doesn’t work for 3rd party auto updates. For instance, for WPBakery, you can purchase your own copy and get it updated as quick as possible, if you prefer

I’m not talking about auto updates, I can update plugin manually. I was thinking of releasing you as a developer from sending me updated plugins per request, so I can download it when necessary, of course with valid theme license.

Also, if I pay a plugin fee bundled with theme price, buying another licence just to able to download latest versions without need to ask theme developer does not make sense.

I’d be quiet if theme developers follow plugins updates and post them more frequently and do not rely on customer queries.

Some authors do, some don’t. It’s pretty much the author’s availability and if it’s a minor or major issue ( changes ) with the extensions.