Theme/plugin suggestion:Not just Games and Reviews, but Management of Clans or Guilds

Hi authors,

we are between 600 and 800 million players. we are organized in guilds or clans in dozens of games. and many of our guilds are looking or a plugin or theme (or both), to manage what we do. So here is my suggestions: Transform wordpress into a clan cms.

Basicly, managing a guild is to manage a team of players with different characteristics. So what is needed:


The player or guild member usally has different stats… levels, experience, might, points, guild, guild tag, classes, races, rank… so we need to have a custom post type to assign these values to. this could be pretty easy cause all we need here is a set of custom fields of different types and a way to show these in the frontend. But: player is not user. So it would be helpful to make a player editable by a user (if assigned to a user) or only by selected roles.
Players and their values should be shown in a roster. The best way would be a sortable, searchable and filterable table with a switch to a player grid view.


I did a lot of research to see how games are made. And I identified the folling reuseable contents.
Players are different in what they can do and this is because of different skills, talents, equipment and progress in game. Every level of skill and talents and equipmend offers advantages. But this sounds more complicated than it is cause we only need some basic structures to be just duplicated for different purposes and optional later assigned to players.


This is the basic element for all the folling elements. just allow admin to build advantages “name and value” so you later can calculate a sum from all advantages of player. For example: production bonuses or damage bonuses

Talents, Skills, Researches…

Those are usually visualized in trees with different layers. players can invest an amount of points to raise a skill and every invested point will grand another advantage. Invested points can also unlock skills on the same or a different layer of the tree. For example: Player needs to invest 3 points in magic until he can leard advanced magic.
Conclusion: Every skill has a max value. Every skill can have a relation to another (unlocked with 2 points in skill x). Every skill will grad another bonus for every invested point. This is a lot of work for the admin to enter data, but it is worth it.

The same structure can be used for researches or talents too… so basicly we just need a gui to add a post type of the type “tree view”.

Raisable Elements (buildings, etc)…

In many games, player can build something and later raise the level of a building or extra advantages.
This element is pretty easy to handle and could just be a set of repeatable fields (optional assigned to a player). We need a named element with a max level value and an advantage for every level, so there can be lists like:

  • farm level 2 Advantage Advantage Value
  • farm level 3 Advantage Advantage Value
  • farm level 2 Advantage Advantage Value
  • mill level 6 Advantage Advantage Value

Summary box of advantages with value

Equipment sets

There are many ways equipment is used in games. Sometimes, the player itself has equipment, sometimes heroes or familiars have equipment. This is something, the admin should decide in the options. "Player HAS equipment yes/no, heroes have equipment yes/no, failiars have equipment yes/no.

Equipment sets can have an amount of equipment slots. Like head, arm, chest, etc.
an item of the slot can be assigned to one equipment slot.
every item can have different quality with advantages and every item can have slots for improvements (sometimes juwels, glyphs, enchantments).

So when creating an equipment set for a “hero type” like hero, familiar, pet, the admin has to chose:
Slots and Slot names.
After this is done, slot items types are greated like “hero set head items” and those items have max level and name of levels (like simply level 1, level 2 or something like common, uncommon, epic, legendary") and have advantages for every level.
Also every item can have improvement slots (max improvements, improvement name, advantage).

for all items with improvements, a summary box is shown for the equipment set.

The player, but also heroes or familiars or pets can also have basic stats influenced by their equipment (if available) and all other improvements (like skills, talents, even researches).

Building a game

The theme or plugin needs backend settings:

Player settings:

  • player fields: textfield, number field, percentage field, advantages select fields (field), level fields, checkboxes ields etc.

  • player has equipment (yes/no)
    yes: set number of item slots and give names
    => creates items post types with items slot names as catagory
    items have levels/levelnames and advantages for each level
    items have number of improvement slots with slot names
    => creates improvement with slot names as category

  • tree types: creates different tree types

    • every tree can have a number of layers
    • every layer can have a number of elements
    • every element has a max value and advantages for every value
    • every element can unlock one or many other elements when number of points invested
  • raisable types:

    • creates different raisable elements
    • every element can have a type (by admin), max level, and advantages for every value
  • hero types: creates pets, familiars and others

    • has equipment yes/no /see above
      . every hero can have a fields (like player)
    • every hero can have advantages for every level or grade
    • an number (max value) of heroes, pets, familiars can build a set of heroes, familiars or pets

advantages: repeatable field set to be assignes to items, item improvements, tree view items levels, raisable item levels, hero type levels/grades,

What users can do:

  • players can be assigned to users.
    if assignes, user can change everything assigned to a player: tree views, raisable views, player fields, heroes, equipment, etc BUT NOT item values, advantages)
  • players can build sets of heros, pets, familiars for all to view
    • player can build tree view sets (just different invested points, not change the tamplate that the admin created).


Icons/images for: heroes, player, tree view items, raisable items, equipment items, equipment improvments, pets, familiars, ranks, grades plus color option for values.

Summary box of advantages for every post type and a global summary for the player, that is the sum of all advantages of assiged tree types, raisable types and all other bonuses


For example: Achievements, matches/wars, raid planer, item auctions, etc… so yes… you can sell extensions

Maybe someone will like this idea and create something like this

You will not find out of box solution. Only custom made solution if you have good budget and time. You cant made that in 1 month.