Theme, plugin or custom code ? Events with tickets status and access per profile

Hi there ! I hope I didn’t get the wrong forum with my request. :innocent:

As the title of the topic indicates, I’m wondering what would be feasible directly with a theme or plugin without going through custom web development.
This is not to say that I don’t want to have developer help at some point, but I need your expertise to determine what their scope will be if I try to get their help.
Let’s get straight to the point!

The first important aspect of my site is that I will need to have profile access. I don’t know if that’s the right word to describe it, basically users won’t have the same functionality on the site.
There are 4 types of profiles : I will call them Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Gryffindor.

Slytherin needs to create the events
The form must have the ability to offer multiple dates = ?
He can manage the events (modify them, delete them)
He also needs to have control over a FRONT page which lists all users and their profiles. = ?
Slytherin, gryffindor, ravenclaw. But Hufflepuff won’t appear in this front list of users because they are external, they will register to the event at the end. = ?

The formular/ticket/event must have a status like on Jira for example. = ?
Once the event is created, Slytherin will submit it. I need a main page where all the tickets/event appear in a grid.
Ravenclaw, at this stage, only has the ability to look at this event grid and view the content.

Gryffindor takes over, clicks on the event that has been created by Slytherin, and has the option to come and approve the event or decline it. If he accepts, he can fill in a NEW form. This new form is the next step in the process, the status of the ticket/event changes. = ?
Ideally, when Gryffindor submits this form, Slytherin will receive a notification. Slytherin can go back to the event/ticket grid and see what has been done by Grynffindor. He can accept or reject the proposal. = ?

Once Grynffindor,Slytherin or Ravenclaw has published the event, Hufflepuff, the participant, will be able to see it on a page of the website that has the events (one other than the grid, which is only visible “internally” by the managers). He will register for the event by filling in a form.

And that’s it!

In my post, the bold question marks are every step where I wonder about the wordpress/plugin feasibility. I am no newbie on wordpress, but I have never needed such complexe features for a project. Forms with steps, status, validation, which is also an event at the end.


Harry Pothead LOL - okay so let me see if I understand this?

YOU - you would be SUPER ADMIN - in otherwords you own the site, you create the users but overall you have final word on who does what? You can view every profile, and adjust their user priveleges as you see fit.

USERS - Users to have different access rights. Example “Slytherin” is like admin, but not YOU but he/she can modify, create, or edit events they create. Slytherin can also edit front page, and I assume he/she can see all the profiles of other users. QUESTION: Do you want them to be able to edit/ban or delete those users???

Take it one step at a time to explain each part of the concept you are thinking of, then other forum members can offer better advice than me I’m sure :wink:

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I find it easier to understand with a concrete example, and as it was the 10th anniversary of Harry Potter … :joy:

Me : yes I would be the “super” admin, in back office I can change the “rank” of users from a new user to a Slytherin for instance.

Users : Slytherin are not as good as me on wordpress, they should only have a front office page to edit/delet/add new Gryffindors and Ravenclaws. By typing in their emails they would be able to add them and select their rank. Imagine the rank (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw) as a category of user.

:face_in_clouds: up !

You can try to use some of the free themes with, for example, Events Calendar plugin and see for yourself how far you can go without custom coding, but I don’t think you can do it all without custom coding.

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Thanks for this link, I will look into it. Yes I think the best solution would go the furthest I can without coding, and then for the complex part i’ll hire a dev.
But could the dev be able to “connect” multiple plugins ?
Let’s say I use even calendar, and Gravity workflow for the forms part. Would this be possible to integrate the forms from gravity workflow into a event calendar design ?

The best solution, if you want to run such a website, is to find someone who can do it.

Then asses you budget.

Big budget = good dev team = amazing site (probably they will not use WordPress) (a few thousand $$/m)
Medium budget = excellent dev = ok website, less future proof (maybe he will use WordPress) ($1000/m)
Low budget = no devs, you do the work = big f mess, you’re at a point why did I start this (almost surely you will use WordPress) (just the items right? and then you can talk rubbish in their support, how they don’t help you build this crazy website lol)

Have those on your mind.

I am sure the good dev will be able to do almost anything.


I have been busy LOL

Apologies for the delay and I see other well respected members have said and given great advice. To me this sounds like a plugin wherein users can have certain priveleges - I agree with @LSVRthemes and @XforWooCommerce that sometimes you need to consider having a custom built system.

May help

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